Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Handmade Project 52 for 2012

I always love to read other bloggers' post about stuff they made themselves so I decided to start a project about handmade stuff for 2012. I know its a good whole month before the new year starts but I would really love to get as much members as possible. Wouldn't it be fun to get to know a lot of people who have the same passion as we do?

Handmade, for me and for this project, is not limited to stuff you made yourself with your hands. I want to expand it to other Crafters who use machines to help them with their crafts. It could be a photo taken, a bag sewn with a sewing machine, a new template/layout for your website or blog. No matter what it is, the most important thing is that you did it yourself. 

Also, it doesn't need to be something that you are currently doing or you just finished. You can choose from the projects you've done in the past. Just make sure your blog post is current.

Another thing is that this is not only open to Bloggers. Vloggers are also welcome to join as long as you include the URL of your video channel.

I named it The Handmade Project 52 for 2012 because this will be a weekly project. I want this project to be fun, another way to socialize and not another obligation to be added to your busy schedules. After 52 weeks or one whole year, I will tally the number of posts made by each members. The top 5 members who have the most entries will receive giveaways from me - which could be handmade or kawaii stuff. :) Random giveaways may also be given in between.

Every Monday, I will be posting a form just below my THP52 entry so you can put in the URL of your entries. You will also be required to include the THP52 badge (when it's done) in your entry as well as the list of entries from other members. Codes will be provided for you.

Are you ready to join? Please fill up this form with your information. Please don't forget to include your suggestions for weekly theme. :)

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Kawaii Haul #1

We were allowed to go home early today but instead of sitting on traffic, I decided to go to Abreeza Mall to visit my favorite shops - Saizen, Toys R Us and of course, National Bookstore.

I always go to Saizen for cute japanese cutters like these that I use for my clay.

Well, they're not made for clays but for cute designs of food that you put on a bento lunch box. But it still works the same.

Another one I got is an ice ball molder but I was thinking of using it to make chocolate lollipops:

You can only create 6 at a time but since this is going to be the first time and I'm not even sure if it will work then this will suffice.

By the way, Saizen is a japanese store which sells almost everything for only Php85.

Whenever my childishness kicks in, I visit Toys R Us "just" to feast my eyes of those toys that I would love to have and well, I guess window shopping was never enough and this time I bought another toy that is still clay-related. In fact, it is clay! It's the Disney Princess Modellino.

You can choose to get the kit for making earrings or necklace or bracelets but I chose this kit for rings because I like the shapes of the mold. Although you also have an option to get the complete set but it's too much for me :P

The kit includes two small containers with the two colors of air drying clay inside, 8 pieces of ring connector, 6 molds of different shapes and an instruction leaflet.

I'm not sure if you can see it clearly but the clay actually look like the pearl clays of Sculpey - there are glitters in it. Just because I was in a hurry to take a picture, too lazy to stand up from my bed and too excited to post this ASAP, I just used my hand as reference so you can see how small it is:

Don't worry, I'm just an average Filipina so you'll be able to imagine how small it is. :D I haven't started making any rings yet so I can't show you anything but I sure hope it will be as nice as that shown on its box.

It's pretty hard to look for clay here in the province (especially air-drying ones) and I was so ecstatic when I found this in National Bookstore

Need I say more? :D

Tomorrow is holiday and since I don't have work, I'm hoping to make a lot of cute things out of these new haul.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Crafting with clay

The first time I tried crafting with clay was way back 2008 and I used air-dry clay with japanese brand. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to save any of the pictures of my creations and I've already given them away to my friends. 3+ years later, I'm back in clay molding but this time I'm using polymer clay, the baked kind. Here are some of my creations:

Ice Cream Scoops

Christmas charms

Angry Birds - PT version *lol*

Some of the angry birds were made by the PT interns from the Health Center where I'm currently working as a volunteer Physical Therapist - just because we were so bored that day (it was lunch break) and too hot to take a nap :P

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