Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Kawaii Haul #1

We were allowed to go home early today but instead of sitting on traffic, I decided to go to Abreeza Mall to visit my favorite shops - Saizen, Toys R Us and of course, National Bookstore.

I always go to Saizen for cute japanese cutters like these that I use for my clay.

Well, they're not made for clays but for cute designs of food that you put on a bento lunch box. But it still works the same.

Another one I got is an ice ball molder but I was thinking of using it to make chocolate lollipops:

You can only create 6 at a time but since this is going to be the first time and I'm not even sure if it will work then this will suffice.

By the way, Saizen is a japanese store which sells almost everything for only Php85.

Whenever my childishness kicks in, I visit Toys R Us "just" to feast my eyes of those toys that I would love to have and well, I guess window shopping was never enough and this time I bought another toy that is still clay-related. In fact, it is clay! It's the Disney Princess Modellino.

You can choose to get the kit for making earrings or necklace or bracelets but I chose this kit for rings because I like the shapes of the mold. Although you also have an option to get the complete set but it's too much for me :P

The kit includes two small containers with the two colors of air drying clay inside, 8 pieces of ring connector, 6 molds of different shapes and an instruction leaflet.

I'm not sure if you can see it clearly but the clay actually look like the pearl clays of Sculpey - there are glitters in it. Just because I was in a hurry to take a picture, too lazy to stand up from my bed and too excited to post this ASAP, I just used my hand as reference so you can see how small it is:

Don't worry, I'm just an average Filipina so you'll be able to imagine how small it is. :D I haven't started making any rings yet so I can't show you anything but I sure hope it will be as nice as that shown on its box.

It's pretty hard to look for clay here in the province (especially air-drying ones) and I was so ecstatic when I found this in National Bookstore

Need I say more? :D

Tomorrow is holiday and since I don't have work, I'm hoping to make a lot of cute things out of these new haul.

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